Yankee Paintball Field Adds On-Site Paintball Pro-Shop

Whether you are a relatively new player still shooting his first paintball gun, or an experienced shooter with an expensive paintball marker, you have had gun problems at the field. Even with a basic knowledge of how your equipment works, it is frustrating to have to work on your gear at the field, and even more frustrating when you cannot figure out what is wrong, and have to grab a rental gun for the day.

Perhaps you got to the field and realized you forgot your headband at home. Or your pods. Or you need a new lens because your old one is scratched or peeling.

We at Yankee Paintball, as players, feel your pain. That is why we have moved our Pro-Shop, formerly known as Danbury Action Sports Headquarters, which had been located in Danbury for three years followed by a year in Bethel, entirely to Yankee Paintball: so that we can meet player equipment needs ON THE SPOT!

Our shop carries everything from entry level to high end guns, masks, pod packs, air tanks and a vast assortment of parts, upgrades and accessories. We can install parts on site, as well as clean or repair your current equipment. If we don’t have what you are looking for in stock, we can order it, and match most online prices.