Paintball Birthday Parties

The Unique Birthday Party for Boys and Girls Ages 10 and Older, and Even Adults

Why does Paintball make for a Fun Birthday Party?

At Yankee Paintball we often get the call from parents looking to do birthday parties for their children. Paintball is the perfect birthday party idea for a few reasons:

      1. It’s often something new to the children
      2. It’s outside
      3. It keeps them busy
      4. It tires them out
      5. The mess isn’t at your house

Birthday Parties are PRIVATE

Every birthday party gets it’s own referee and only plays among the party. The group is split into two teams (which can be moved around through the day). The teams will go to one of our 5 fields, play two games, then come back to the staging area to get air fills, load up paintballs, get some water and take a breather. They will then go to a different field and play two more games. Birthday Parties are welcome to re-play any field they wish to.
Every birthday party gets it’s own picnic table, under canopies. You can bring birthday cake but please keep in mind ice cream cake is not a good idea. There is a pizza place that delivers right to the field.

Every birthday party participant gets a card with coupons they can use to come back and play at a discount.

Paintball birthday parties are available for groups of 10 or more! Book Below or Call 203-906-9622 to reserve; or if you have any questions!

Bookings are on a first come first serve basis, so book your birthday party sooner rather than later.