Now Offering Low Impact 50 Caliber Paintball

Available for 2 Hour and All Day Parties

Why Play Low Impact 50 Caliber Paintball?

While 68 caliber paintball is perfectly safe and suitable for most teenagers and adults, we have had customers asking about a low impact option. After much demand, we are happy to meet our customers needs by offer low impact 50 caliber paintball for young children (typically those 12 years old and younger) and first time players who may not want to jump right into full impact paintball.

Lower Impact

50 caliber paintballs weigh less and travel at a speed less than half of 68 caliber paintballs which reduces the force of the impact a great deal. Range is affected slightly, but the markers we use have a built in “hop up” system that allows for increased range. We use high quality Valken paintballs so the fun of “marking” somebody with a paintball is still there.

Easier to Use

The 50 Caliber Paintball Markers (aka paintball guns) that we use do not require compressed air tanks to function. This means they are much lighter and easier to handle to younger people. Also, not having to remember to fill the air tanks before each game is one less thing for the kids to think about.

Low Impact 50 Cal Paintball Private Parties

We are offering all day parties and 2 hour parties at the exact same prices and exact same terms as our 68 caliber pricing. Just let us know that you want 50 cal!

Schedule Your 50 Cal Private Party