What Is Airsoft?

Airsoft is a simlar game to paintball: shoot the opposing players and eliminate them from game play.

Airsoft however is more a tactical exercise than a sport. The equipment more closely replicates actual firearms, and this gives the game a much more realistic and tactical feel. Airsoft BB’s also have increased range. These two factors result in a bit of slower and tactical experience, which is less intense in some ways yet more intense in it’s realism.

Airsoft also tends be a bit cleaner than paintball, since the plastic BB’s don’t contain any paint.

Airsoft guns are usually electric so they don;t require compressed air, just a battery that is recharged, lowering the overall size and weight of the gun.

Airsoft guns use magazines rather than top loaders like paintball guns.

All Airsoft games are played in the woods. We do NOT allow Airsoft on our Airball field or on Western Village. Airsoft shall be limited to Castle and Knoll, our much larger more heavily wooded fields.

You MUST use our BB’s as we are on a farm and must control the bio-degrade-ability of the BB’s used.

Rental “AEG” (airsoft electric gun)

All Airsoft Players MUST wear ASTM Compliant Full Face Protection